My name is Nathan Olmstead. And I'm a father, husband, semi-retired chef, interface designer and developer. When I'm not working or feeding my curiosities, you'll find me outside, most likely in the woods. I think the kids call it forest bathing and earthing now and days.

My amazing wife and I plan on visiting every National Park, we've got ten under our belt so far. We have a two year old son and a four month old daughter that love wandering around outside as much as we do.

I would love to apply my skills to all of the topics I cover on this site. So if you're reading this and are involved in any of the topics on this site and need assistance, please contact me on any of my social media channels, or at my companies website A2uned Solutions

Olmstead Family

I hope this site sparks some curiosity in you, and provides value for the time you are investing here.